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BIENVENIDO A LA WEB ERASMUS DE LA ESCUELA DE ARTE DE CÁDIZ En esta web encontrarás todo lo necesario para participar del programa Erasmus.

The Erasmus program aims to address the teaching and learning needs of all participants in formal higher education and vocational education level, whatever the length of their course or qualification, including doctoral studies, as well as institutions providing such training.


El programa Erasmus tiene como objetivo atender a las necesidades de enseñanza y aprendizaje de todos los participantes en educación superior formal y en formación profesional de grado superior, cualquiera que sea la duración de la carrera o cualificación, incluidos los estudios de doctorado, así como a las instituciones que imparten este tipo de formación.



The fashion industry is an economic and cultural reference both worldwide and national. This competitive and international environment requires a higher qualification and a greater specialisation to compete within the sector. The tuition towards the new official qualification in fashion design superior artistic studies offers extensive training built on theoretical, technological and creative knowledge specific to this field. It also offers knowledge in the multidisciplinary fields, both strategic and business, that are related to it. This education is equivalent to the European Graduate Qualification, and will allow you to progress to post-graduate, master’s and phd courses. Complete training for the future fashion and accessories designers. You will be able to develop your career in: •Fashion design •Coolhunter – trends forecasting. •Style •Artistic direction •Theatre and cinema custom design •Accessories design •Textile design •Corporative design •Creative activities management •Made to order design •Fashion design for specific fields (sport,bridal …) •Fashion illustration •Couture design •Design, research and development of new concepts, materials and applications for fashion. •Teaching and investigation.



Art schools have in our country an important tradition in the background and teachings of the visual arts and design. Our School Provides adequate knowledge to students who want to achieve a level of knowledge that qualification for the development of vocational training activity.

In our building called “La Casa de las Artes” you can find specific technical classrooms for engraving, screen printing, lithography, drawing and art history, art, modeling, photography, computer, fun design, styling, audiovisual techniques, furniture, graphic design, interior design , fashion design and media. All they equipped with modern facilities that allow us to cover the contents of the various matters in which each curriculum taught.


We are interested in finding partners for a mobility project for exchange of students and teachers of higher education in these fields

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